You want to use data to drive the decisions that add value to your organization. You have a technology, a product, a company, or an idea, and you want to understand what it looks like in a big-picture, market-focused context. You want to make sense of new technology and relate it to your organization's unique needs. You want to know the technical details of what your competitors are doing. You want to identify opportunities for R&D, M&A, investment, and partnership. 



You need a chemist, but you don't know how you'd keep one busy on a full-time basis. You need help formulating an organic coating, topical treatment, herbal extract, or other organically-based product. You need someone who understands startups & small businesses. You need someone familiar with patent due diligence and regulatory compliance. You need someone who keeps things simple, and works to minimize environmental impact.


You have people, in-house, who are able (and willing) to make sense of patents. You recognize that, while patents discuss science, patent search is an art. You want someone who can identify relevance in even the most confounding legalese.  You don't want independent analysis or technical opinions. You just want a list of patents, relevant to your work, that your people can read on their own time. 



We know you're incredibly knowledgeable -- and we also know you're incredibly busy.


You need answers to important questions, but there aren't enough hours in the day to find them.


Think of us as an extension of your own mind, freed from meetings, memos, and day-to-day workplace minutia. We cheerfully tackle your trickiest problems. We provide facts to guide & support your important decisions. We summarize our findings in a visually-appealing, narrative format, so that you can tell a compelling story.


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