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Finding relevant prior art isn't just about understanding the nuts and bolts of an invention. It's also about envisioning the multitude of creative linguistic contortions that attorneys may use to describe it. 

With years of experience performing validity, patentability, and freedom-to-operate searches, we will quickly assemble prior art that both meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

Our work has satisfied clients in the following industries & technical areas:


- Chemicals

- Polymers

- Medical devices

- Analytic equipment

- Heavy industrial equipment

- Sensor-integrated systems

- Concrete

- Packaging

- Oil & gas

- Batteries

- Motor vehicles

- Solar/PV

- Wind power

- Microbial fermentation

- Fiber technology

- Food & beverage

- Natural products

- Herbal remedies

Results delivered as either an Excel spreadsheet or an annotated Word document, depending on your specific needs.

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