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You have a technology. You have a product. You have a company. You have an idea.

You want to know how what you have fits into the big-picture context, so you can make good decisions about how best to move forward. You want answers to one or more of the following questions:

- Is anyone else already working on this? 

- Are there any alternative or complementary technologies? What are they? Who is working on them?

- Are there commercialization opportunities outside my industry? 

- Are there competitors that should be on my radar? 

- Are there opportunities for licensing and/or acquisition that I should know about?

- How big is the market?  


Understand technology in a broad, market-based context. 

You know your own industry like the back of your hand, and you have a hunch that your organization's innovative research might be valuable to people in other industries, as well. You want to identify new and diverse opportunities for commercializing your technology. Or maybe you just want to find a buyer. 

Most market research firms rely on insight gleaned from personal relationships and long-term industry experience. This information is valuable, of course -- but much of it is readily available to people who work in the industry.


Our approach is different. Instead of looking at companies or products, we look at underlying technologies. We don't ask what your products look like, or what they're used for; we ask how they're made. We then identify industries and companies that already have a need for your innovative work. We tell you who these companies are, and we tell you how they can use what you've developed. We call this "technology mapping" because we traverse the unexplored wilderness and put a trail map to novel commercialization opportunities in your hands. We whisper the location of that stunning waterfall, hidden deep in the forest, so you can beeline straight for it. 


All great explorers use maps. We're excited to draw yours.

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