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Our chemistry consulting services are perfect for startups, small businesses, and investors.


If you have chemistry-related problems, but don't want to hire a full-time chemist or sit through eight or ten years of post-secondary education to learn the subject, yourself, KP2 LLC can help! We offer PhD-level scientific expertise and extensive small business experience. We take great pride in structuring our solutions to fit your operational needs. 

Specific offerings include:

- Formulations

     + Organic

     + Inorganic

     + Herbal

- Extractions

- Organic coatings

- Patent due diligence*

- Practical explanations of terms & concepts encountered in various regulatory documents

- Chemical analysis

     + Interpretation

     + Troubleshooting





* KP2 LLC is not a law firm, and cannot provide legal advice. KP2 LLC's patent due diligence services identify relevant patent literature and provide a technical explanation of how these documents relate to your R&D projects and/or product(s). For legal opinions regarding issues such as patentability, freedom to operate, or validity, you will need to consult an attorney.

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