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Client wanted to replace a natural chemical, used in-house, by partnering with a government lab to develop a synthetic alternative less affected by the vagaries of the agricultural commodities market. Project described the novelty of the synthetic alternative, explored other developmental & existing substitutes for the natural chemical, and identified market sectors where the synthetic alternative could be successfully commercialized.


Client wanted to expand into a new B2B market, and had redeveloped an existing product to meet the needs of this new market. Engaged KP2 LLC to identify potential customers for its redeveloped product, which had a number of precise compatibility requirements, and to develop marketing materials for its patent portfolio. Client was eventually acquired by one of the companies identified by KP2 LLC, during this engagement.


Small investment team debated adding a stem cell technology company to its portfolio. Engaged KP2 LLC to analyze company's financial statements & patent portfolio, identify prior & potential regulatory issues, size relevant markets for its three most popular products, and provide an opinion on whether the company was a worthwhile investment. Based on the available data, KP2 LLC recommended short-term investment. Client obtained a 75% ROI in six months, then opted to sell. 


Client had developed an interesting new organic coating for consumer electronics, but still needed to resolve durability issues. Relying on in-house R&D team's extensive knowledge, as well as independent research of patent & non-patent literature, KP2 LLC proposed, developed, and tested a new formulation that met or exceeded all technical requirements and exhibited sufficient durability on previously problematic substrates.

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